We are transforming Albania since 1995 through Green Building innovations on Envelope Façade Solutions.

  • Glass

    Shpigel Glass is one of the country's leading specialists in glass processing with vast experience of more than two decades. We design, processing, and install all types of glazing for the construction industry and have completed countless projects in the exterior and interior glazing facade in the construction industry.

  • Windows and Doors

    The elegant look complements maximum energy efficiency, as a solution to the hidden window sash systems or standard windows in the classic model. Window systems always offer architects and planners the right solution thanks to the great variety of variants of profile systems by our supply chain.

  • Curtain Wall

    Shpigel specialized in the design, supply, processing, and installation of aluminum stick facade and unitized curtain walling, which provides high-performance systems completed with various filling treatments. Using new developments within Glass production, we can fabricate glass structures in large space.

  • Ventilated Facade

    With over 26 years of experience in the envelope facade construction industry, we have completed prestigious projects, including residential, commercial, public, private, renovations, hospitals, etc. Our focus is on the installation of exterior packages and interior facades with complete envelopes from the different base materials. We also supply our customers with various products for ventilated facades with structure and its elements, with panels ready for installation as various finishing materials processed in our factory with CNC machines.

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